Urethane Hand Weights

  • Polyurethane coating
  • Precise cast iron core
  • One-piece structure
  • Handle core enforced


RKC01UHW-S110 – Urethane Hand Weight Set (10 Pairs)

RKC01UHW-001 – Urethane Hand Weight 1kg

RKC01UHW-002 – Urethane Hand Weight 2kg

RKC01UHW-003 – Urethane Hand Weight 3kg

RKC01UHW-004 – Urethane Hand Weight 4kg

RKC01UHW-005 – Urethane Hand Weight 5kg

RKC01UHW-006 – Urethane Hand Weight 6kg

RKC01UHW-007 – Urethane Hand Weight 7kg

RKC01UHW-008 – Urethane Hand Weight 8kg

RKC01UHW-009 – Urethane Hand Weight 9kg

RKC01UHW-010 – Urethane Hand Weight 10kg


  • Features

    ROCKIT insists on using premium quality incoming materials, such as liquid PU, imported from Germany via a certified chemical factory. Most of the other factories purchase China made polyurethane create their own which is not of the same quality.
    Hi-tensile Strength in our bars is achieved by our specific extra quenching process as well as hard for safety and longevity.
    Currently our free weights product line is REACH certified.

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