Designed for: Functional training, high repetition and high loads

Manufactured: Made in Germany

Perfected Rotation: Designed for smooth and controlled rotation under load

Knurling: Balanced grip for a secure hold on the handles

The Squeezebar-Pro Classic was specially developed by sports scientists and engineers for functional training. It is designed for use in premium fitness studios, sports clubs, hotels, sports rehabilitation centres, home gyms and personal training. The uniquenes of the Squeezebar-Pro Classic is its two bearing handles that run on a spindle system. The spindle system is divided into a left and right thread. The thread has a pitch that is selected according to the athlete‘s biomechanics and allows a natural movement pattern of the athlete. During movement, the handles influence each other and allow a synchronised movement with maximum support, as the bar rotates in two different directions. Precision bearings guarantee stable, controlled rotation, which is crucial for high performance.


Lenght: 2000mm / 78,74 in.
Weight: 18kg / 39,683 lbs
Spindle Diameter: 32mm / 1,25 in.
Spindle lenght: 1300mm / 51,181 in.
Spindle Diameter: 50mm / 1,97 in.
Loadable Sleeve Lenght: 320mm / 12,59 in.
Max. Load: 160kg / 352,74 lbs
Bearings and Bushings: Needle bearings
Handles: Ball bearings
Handel surface: steel


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